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HADCO utilizes Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors that can detect subsurface discontinuities through the use of pulse-echo transducers in carbon steel and aluminum test parts.

Depending on the size and nature of the piece, one or a combination of several techniques may be used. 
For example, straight beam testing is usually the method of choice for pins in a crown block; the piece may be tested for internal defects without having to be removed.

Angle beam testing is typically used to scan for defects in weldments and plate. Hadco utilizes Magnetic Particle Testing and Angle Beam Ultrasonic Testing to examine weldments for discontinuities.  Through the use of both methods in conjunction, a more comprehensive inspection is achieved.


By scanning back and forth along the surface distance from the weld line, the inspector can use the ultrasonic "V Path"  to locate and evaluate subsurface discontinuities.