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Both wire rope and drilling tubulars can be inspected using Electromagnetic Flux Leakage Testing.

Wire Rope

When visual inspections of wire rope are not enough, HADCO can perform in-service inspections of crane and mooring lines utilizing computerized dual-function units capable of measuring both localized flaws (LF) and loss of metallic area (LMA).

In-Plant Inspection

HADCO also uses a state-of-the-art stationary dual function VEDAQ-P unit with computerized archiving capabilities.

Mobile Inspections

For on-site applications, portable dual-function (also referred to as Buggy Run) units are available.  DS-1 specifies this type of unit as EMI 2. 

The unit is equipped with Hall Effect Sensors that monitor changes in wall thickness and detect transverse flaws through the use of a continuous coil-induced magnetic field.

The results from each drill pipe tube are recorded on a strip chart and kept for future reference.