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Facilities and Locations

At the 32-acre HADCO facility in Lafayette, LA, we can clean, inspect, coat, and store your tubular goods.
The facility is conveniently located within 1 mile of both Interstates 10 as well as 49. This serves as an ideal location with access from coastal docks in South Louisiana as well as corporate interests in Houston.

With plenty of room for expansion, HADCO's yard can easily accommodate sizeable tubular inventories and grow with the needs of its customers.

About ASNT and Level III Certification

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. (ASNT) is the world's largest technical society for nondestructive testing (NDT) professionals.

ASNT inaugurated its NDT Level III program in 1976 with certification offerings in five NDT methods. Over the years, ASNT has certified over 5,000 individuals from more than 50 countries as ASNT NDT Level IIIs and has expanded the certification program to include 11 NDT methods.

ASNT is the single largest certifying body of Level III personnel today and the ASNT NDT Level III certificate remains the most respected and widely accepted NDT certification throughout the world. There are 71 current ASNT Level III Certificate Holders in the state of Louisiana and 289 in the state of Texas.

ASNT NDT Level III certification candidates are required to pass both the NDT Basic and a method examination in order to receive the ASNT NDT Level III certificate.

The Basic Level III Examination is comprised of three parts:

  • Knowledge of Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A and ANSI/ASME CP-189
  • Working knowledge of 10 NDT Disciplines (AE, PT, MT, UT, VT, IR, RT, NR, ET, LT)
  • Materials and Processes (fracture mechanics, manufacturing processes, discontinuity classification and evaluation, welding and machining techniques)

Level III candidates must also pass a Method Examination which covers extensive knowledge and application of each respective method.

ASNT Level III personnel write and maintain operating procedures, educate and qualify inspector trainees for Level I and II certification, and provide technical support when required.

HADCO employs a full-time ASNT Certified NDT Level III/Third Party Certified Level III Rigging Gear Inspector for in-house training, Quality Assurance, and HSE directives.


HADCO Services employs a staff of 15 Level II Inspectors that are trained in the following methods in accordance with Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A:

  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Visual and Dimensional Evaluation (VT)
  • Electromagnetic Testing (EMI or ET)

In addition to the nondestructive testing methods covered by SNT-TC-1A, HADCO Services inspectors have completed Certified Rigging Gear Inspector training. This includes training for:

  • Wire Rope
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Synthetic Webslings
  • Alloy Chain Slings
  • Rigging Hardware (Hooks, Shackles, Links, etc.)
  • Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices


HADCO Services provides NDT inspection and certification services for the following companies:

  • Hercules Offshore
  • Transocean
  • Noble Drilling
  • Devon Energy
  • ENSCO Offshore Drilling
  • Weatherford
  • Pride International
  • BHP Billiton
  • BP
  • Cabot Oil & Gas
  • Grey Wolf Drilling
  • Petrohawk